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We planted our grove in 2003 with three main olive varieties – Frantoio and Leccino, Italian varieties, Picual a Spanish variety, and a smaller number of Pendolino mainly used as a pollinator. Each variety was chosen to suit our climate north of the Great Divide, hot dry summers and cold winters, and to provide a spread of harvesting times. Our olives are harvested using battery operated rakes and handpicked then processed onsite within 12 hours to produce a top quality extra virgin olive oil.

Certified organic fertilisers and pesticides are used in the grove and in our nut and fruit orchards and vegetable garden and we use sustainable management practices in our operations - pomace waste products are composted, prunings from the olives are mulched, water is recycled, and much of our power comes from the sun.

Mount Bernard Olives is a signatory to the Australian Olive Association’s Code of Practice which guarantees the authenticity and quality of certified products and distinguishes them from imported products. To be certified as extra virgin olive oil, the oil must be Australian and have undergone organoleptic and chemical testing to ensure the oil has perfect aroma and taste. Climate, soil, variety of olive tree and time of harvest influence the different organoleptic properties of extra virgin olive oil.

Look for the triangle ‘Australian Extra Virgin Certifed’ to ensure you are buying the best olive oil.