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Mount Bernard 2017 Extra Virgins

Most likely due to a wet Spring and mild Summer, ripening of our olives was slow this year resulting in much greener fruit to harvest than usual. This would normally mean robust oils but not so this year. Oil yields were down and most of our varieties have produced mild to medium styles with varying degrees of pepper/pungency.

All are available in 500ml bottles or 4 litre tins.

The following are judges' comments from Australian Food Awards 2017.


Complex strong green fruity aroma. Banana butter, bitter herb in the mouth. Excellent balance and very big long lingering finish. Well made, fresh clean oil. GOLD MEDAL. BEST IN CLASS.


Very complex well-made oil. Fresh olive fruity notes in the mouth with hints of apricot and vanilla. Extremely well balanced and harmonious, and with a very long lingering finish. GOLD MEDAL.


Fresh aroma, pleasant mouthfeel. Good balance, nice oil. BRONZE MEDAL


Lemon Lime Agrumato

Agrumato is a traditional Italian method of crushing fresh olives and fruits together. At Mount Bernard we pressed Frantoio olives with our farm grown bush lemons and 3 varieties of limes – Kaffir, Tahitian and Australian red desert limes to produce a fragrant, luscious, lemon/lime oil. This delicious oil will enhance any food that enjoys a piquant, citrusy lift including salads, fish, chicken, pasta and vegetables.

Chilli Infused

A taste treat for those lovers of the hot and spicy, this intense and aromatic chilli infused olive oil has been made with farm grown chillies, predominantly the Habanero variety. The chillies are first dried and then added to infuse in extra virgin olive oil before filtering.  Perfect to add some zing to pastas, pizzas, curries, marinades, stir fries, noodles, and makes fantastic croutons for soup or salads.

Available in 250 ml bottles. Purchasing details are on our Orders page.